Research Methodology in Education: On-line

Masters level - 30 credits

The module is a compulsory one for MA (Education) students preparing for their Summative Project or Dissertation unless they are able to provide clear evidence of a broad knowledge of research methodology.

Conducting practitioner research is increasingly seen as fundamental to reflective practice. This module has three aims.

1. To prepare participants to be able to produce high quality research of their own.

2. To enable participants to read and interpret research in a critical way so thereby contributing to improvement in education.

3. To enable participants to contribute to a research based profession through critical dialogue with others.

This module is the same as the face to face Research Methodology module except that we use Online delivery. This involves developing online discussions with other students concerning the research issues on the programme and reading and commenting upon web based materials. Through the module formative assignments will be shared and developed in preparation for the final summative assignment.

We will use ICT technology that is commonly available such as a web site, conferencing and email. Students will need to have access to a computer with connection to the Internet.

Content includes:-

  • The Nature of Research and its use by teachers.
  • Different Research Traditions and Methodologies.
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Data Collection and Analysis.
  • Effective Report Writing and Dissemination.
  • Writing a research proposal.

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