The biggest Session in the World

Visit the Flash session tune page

To acces the stream you need an up todate version of QuickTime.
Visit the Quicktime website and download the appropriate version for your computer.

The plan is to provide live feedback by participants by way of a chat room.
At this time it hasn't been decided which chat client will be used.
For the pilot, the most appropriate place will be chosen from:
iChat / Aim, msn, Yahoo, Firstclass
E-mail me for advice!
The final study will probably have a dedicated firstclass client available,
Or at least a dedicated chat room built for the purpose of this study.

Open Quicktime


File > Open url in New Player


copy and paste this url in
(it's only live during the broadcast session --->
You'll get this message until the day.)


Click play and away you go

Make sure your speakers are plugged in and turned on.

Log in to the pre-arranged chat area and sup beer

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